Basics: Webpage Building Tools

This blog has a slight inception-like quality to it; it is a website about making a website. However, the one website, the wordpress, was created in a very different way from the websites I’m learning to make. In this blog,

The first method, using a WordPress template, is probably the most accessible way of making a website. It has templates set up, and if you want, all you need to do is fill it with content using simple interfaces provided by WordPress. The second method, using Dreamweaver, a more foundations-up approach, with creators making the website from the start, which unavoidably, is a bit more complex.

One might think that the accessibility and simplicity of WordPress means this is used by amateurs, and Dreamweaver by professional. However, this is not the case. In fact, there is a whole range of notable WordPress users, including blogs of brands including CNN, KatyPerry and Sony. These pages are fully personalised, and surely have professionals behind them. This begs the question, if you can make a professional website using WordPress, why bother with the hassle of learning to do it in Dreamweaver?

And indeed, a quick google for ‘ using WordPress vs. Dreamweaver’ gives a whole array of discussions of this issue. Below I’ve posted a number of these articles. Overall, their conclusion is that whilst WordPress is very useful for building a particular type of website namely a blog, it is mostly a content manager. Yes, it can be used to build non-blog websites, but these will often still remind of blogs. Dreamweaver on the other hand, allows near unlimited creativity and can be used to create many different things besides nicely edited content.


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